Cantilever Rack is commonly found in lumber and pipe yards because it’s ideal for storing long narrow objects. The Cantilever towers and bases are made from 5″ x 8″ Wide Flange structural steel at 18lbs. per foot. The arms are made of 3″, 4″ or 5″ thick high beams and can adjust at 4″ centers.

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Warehouses and distribution centers worldwide utilize pallet racking more than any other equipment for palatalized product storage. Control the distribution and storage of your palatalized inventory and improve your profitability by investing in the right pallet rack system for your operation.

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There are a variety of different shapes and sizes for open style shelving.   Open Style shelving is named thus because it is open on all sides except for the bottom shelf on each layer. They are very useful for various things that may be around your house, warehouse, business office, or at a job site.

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Drive in pallet rack is a high density storage solution that requires fewer aisles and better cube utilization than standard pallet rack. Forklifts drive directly into the racks making it easy to retrieve pallets. ‘Drive in’ rack and ‘drive thru’ rack are terms that are used interchangeably.

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The push back rack storage system allows pallets to be pushed into the rack by using nested carts. It provides “last-in-first-out” inventory control and may have tunnel depths of up to 5 pallet positions. High density is achieved by needing only one aisle for loading and unloading.

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Mezzanines allow you to increase your storage space, create a work platform, or renovate an existing warehouse space. Mezzanines create additional storage space and avoid costly facility expansion or relocation. By providing two or more platform levels, mezzanines utilize previously unused vertical space in facilities.

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