Pallet Racking

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Warehouses and distribution centers worldwide utilize pallet racking more than any other equipment for palatalized product storage. Control the distribution and storage of your palatalized inventory and improve your profitability by investing in the right pallet rack system for your operation.

Selective pallet rack is the most common type of racking system and is made up of uprights and beams.  Additional components can include wire decking, pallet supports, column protectors, row spacers, drum cradles, and metal decking. Purchase selective pallet racks in Houston.

Selective pallet rack provides efficient use of space and immediate access to every load or pallet stored.  Because it provides the best ratio of storage capacity to product selectivity, selective pallet racking is an effective solution for almost every storage need, from basic  pallet storage to the most complex order picking operations.
By adding decking and other accessories, pallet racking systems become even more versatile, allowing the storage of everything from the smallest carton to drums and wire reels.

Selective Pallet Rack will meet your material handling needs.
Available in a variety of heights, depths, bay lengths and capacities, selective pallet rack is the definition of flexibility in warehouse and distribution center storage.

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Structural Pallet Racks are more expensive and take time to rearrange, but they provide greater protection from accidental forklift collisions and pay for themselves over time.
Roll Formed Pallet Racks are recommended when using pallet jacks due to their fragile nature when dealing with forklifts. They are also the cheaper option.
Common Sizes

48”, 72”, 96”, 108”, 120”, 144”

Height- 96”, 120”, 144”, 168”, 192”, 240”
Depth- 24”, 36”, 42”, 48”

Common Capacities
Pallet rack can hold 2,500lbs. – 10,000lbs. per pair of beams. The capacity varies based on Beam length and whether the Pallet Racking is Structural or Roll Formed. Capacities will also decline if loads are not spread evenly over the racking.