Open Style Shelving

There are a variety of different shapes and sizes for open style shelving.   Open Style shelving is named thus because it is open on all sides except for the bottom shelf on each layer. They are very useful for various things that may be around your house, warehouse, business office, or at a job site. They are used more than you think. Many of you may already have some sort of open style shelving in your house and not even realize it. They are very useful in everyday living, and also while being at work as well.

Closed Style Shelving

When I see closed style shelving I think of the unit as a book shelf. Closed shelving is the same and has the same purpose as open style shelving except the simple difference is that the back and the sides are closed in. The only entrance way is in the front just like a bookcase. There are various shapes, sizes, and capacities of this type of shelving and can pretty much fit everyone’s needs in that sense. These highly universal material handling units are optimized daily in various environments.  They can be plastic or metal if you would like depending on your warehouse needs. They also come in various sizes just to enhance your warehouse capabilities.