NEW Cantilever Rack – Double Sided

Cantilever Racking:

There are two main different types of this type of racking: Double-Armed and Single-Armed. There are also 3 different sizes of arms that you can opt to get, which are: Extra Heavy-Duty, Heavy-Duty, and finally Standard Arms. Each of these different sizes and capacities makes this type of racking more personal for and every one of our customers. Making sure that each of these cantilever racks are customized for our consumer is our goal. Each arm has a capacity of up to 2,000 pounds. There are 8′, 10′, and 12′ height on each of the uprights or columns. The tapered columns have patented internal stiffeners made of 10 gauge steel and the straight arms have lip adjustments that go up to 3″ on the centers. Seeing how Cantilever rack has all the different add-ons and attention to detail for the consumer. There are different capacities to look for; on the double-sided column capacity you are looking at up to 32,000 pounds and for the single-sided column up to 16,000 pounds. These also come with Double-Tubed Bracing for greater stability, Rugged Arm Construction, Secure pin lock for arms and braces to ensure the pin will not loosen when it is secured on your unit. The rigid columns are connected to the heavy arm saddles for efficient load support. Cantilever racks are only available new. you are not able to get a used version of this type of rack because there are so many different types of this rack and it is more of a custom build for each customer.