New Pallet Rack Accessories

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There are a few different kinds of NEW Pallet Rack Accessories that help your new system shine and live up to its full potential. These items are: Pallet Support Crossbars, Quick Drive Anchoring Bolts, Post Protectors, Wall Spacers, and finally Row Spacers. Each of these items serves their purposes in keeping this rack up to par.

Row Spacer:

Row Spacers help provide spacing in-between back to back pallet rack frames. They Bolt to each of the frames to give more pallet position spacing. Hardware is included.

Wall Spacer:

Wall Spacers are key when building your pallet racking system to ensure the safety of your employees, and yourself,  by allowing more stability with this component.

Post or Column Protector:

Post or Column Protectors do just as they say, protect the bottom of the upright from lift trucks, carts, or any other loading equipment that you may use in your warehouse. They are painted bright yellow to help with visibility. This is also where the pallet rack system is bolted to the floor.


Quick Drive Anchoring Bolts:

Quick Drive Anchoring Bolts are the type of bolts that we use to anchor down your NEW pallet Racking system to make sure of stability and proper installation.


Pallet Support Crossbar:

Pallet Rack Cross Bars are a very practical and economical way to increase the capacity of the system. Designed to be located under the pallet skids. Pregalvanized finish for maximum durability. Very easy to install, just drop into the beam step. 2 crossbars are recommended per pallet.