New Pallet Rack Beams

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Beams are made of high strength steel, using two piece construction welded for the strongest beam design. Locating a beam on your Pallet Rack system, they would the the pieces that go horizontally across connecting the uprights and harboring the wire decking, particle board decking, or other decking you may choose. The beams have heavy duty connector clips with a self-locking safety spring that automatically locks the beam into place. Solid load bearing rivets secure the beams to the frame and the locking action increases as the load increases. Standard beam lengths are available to 144″ long in many load capacities. A minimum safety factor of 1.67 to 1 meets or exceeds industry standards. Steel surfaces receive an iron phosphate coating and then are coated with a high solids safety orange baking enamel to protect your rack and racking components.